Pulp & Beans Chocolate Mooncake (玉兔巧克力月饼)

RM 188.00

Note: Our Chocolate Mooncake will only be deliver starting from 8 August 2021. Kindly pick the Pre- Order Available date on the column given right above. 

- White lotus and Japanese Mochi coated with chocolate (白莲蓉 日式麻糬 月饼)

- Pandan lotus and Salted Egg yolk coated with chocolate (班兰 莲蓉 黄金咸蛋黄 月饼)

- Assorted Flower Tea bag x 8 pcs (花茶)

What is inside our mooncake box ?

4 x Pieces of Rabbit Mooncake (2 Flavours)
8 x Packs of BeauTea Series
1 x Wooden knife & fork

Kindly take note  - Pre-order 7 Days in Advance. Please contact our customer service you having technical issue.